Moscow Philharmonic

Moscow PhilharmonicMoscow Philharmonic continued this season pass, dedicated to young talents of Russia. The first concert of this series introduced three young musicians – violinist Nikita Borisoglebsky, singer Mary Kuleshov and pianist Asya Korepanova. Together with them at the Concert hall of the Tchaikovsky music was performed by the State academic Symphony orchestra, at the control of which was Alexander Slutsky.

Opened the evening’s Violin Concerto No. 4 Henri Vieuxtemps was a French romantic composer. Usually, this essay refers to the category of “training” – it is very interesting and original from a musical point of view, but is very advantageous for the soloist because it gives you the opportunity to show how considerable virtuosity, and cantilena. That was brilliantly demonstrated by N. Borisoglebsky. Young artist of the school is Edward rook, whose students typically demonstrate enviable skill, good stage restraint and impressively temperamental, emotional game. All these qualities are present and Nikita, who at the age of 19 graduates from the Moscow Conservatory and holds a bouquet laureate awards. Continue reading

The wine is chilling with good music

The wine is chilling with good musicI once met a winemaker who told me that includes jazz for their barrels, so they were pleased. Name of winemaker Bruno de Concelles (Bruno de Conciliis), and he loved modern jazz that even their signature wine is called “settle” in honor of miles Davis (Miles Davis, Selim – the writing of the name of the musician in reverse order). His wines from the Italian region of Campania were great, though I’m not sure and in the cellar of pure and noble trumpet sounds the Davis somehow improved the taste of these wines.

And although quite hard to believe that music can contribute to the fermentation of grape juice, will not be too much of an exaggeration to suggest that music can influence how we perceive the taste of wine and see the wine as a whole. Indeed, under the influence of music is revealed and exacerbated all of our emotions. Continue reading

What a classic

What a classicFriends, let’s just stipulate that selection of tool there is an incredible amount. With this volume of information may compete unless the number of ways the preparation of mulled wine or sauerkraut. In short, ideas — mass and one another better. In this article I propose to consider the most basic and obvious moments, and stories, which in turn also mass, to expose.

Of course, on this subject, who not only wrote, and I’m not going to once again reinvent the wheel, just try to Express my opinion on the subject, with years of experience in the guitar Department. But before you go directly to the selection tool, let’s remember ourselves in the first class of secondary school, preferably in the first quarter. Yes — Yes, in first grade and in the first quarter! What we were taught? Right — to draw lines, circles, pluses and minuses, thus developing us hand movements. Here’s all the same — need a tool that would help us to train and develop the hands, which means — you need a good classical guitar with a wide fretboard and nylon strings. Continue reading

famous musicians

A relatively small townThe mid-sixties. The North of England, Yorkshire. A relatively small town of Bradford, famous for its once highly developed textile industry, a well-known University, as well as the beautiful architecture in Victorian and evergreen streets.

Here originates the history of the super popular in the 70 years of the band ” Smokie “. In one of the city’s secondary schools studied two young men. One name was Alan Silson, second Chris Norman. Now music lovers of those years know these names. And then, they were simply boys, is not particularly different from their peers, except that the first and the second spent more time singing and practicing guitar. And, no doubt, dreamed of glory rock musicians, who by this time has had time to assert itself. It is enough to remember the Beatles and all that was happening around them, especially in 1965! Continue reading

The music and the man

The music and the man Music is not only one of the arts. It’s a wonderful world, woven from the finest of human emotions, the depths of the soul, that it is not possible to describe in words and Express nothing.

Music is a means of expressing one’s inner world of thoughts and feelings, as well as the attitude and display of the phenomena of appearance (historical events, patterns of nature) in respect of national, folk roots of the composer. Where the word ends, the music starts. What is impossible to convey in a word, agree music. Music has an amazing and unique property of the education of ethics of the human soul. It teaches compassion and empathy to what is happening, to participate in the struggle of good over evil and the affirmation of triumph over the past, helps to lose with dignity, but not to be defeated. She awakens the sleeping power of the human soul in its aspiration for the beautiful and the sublime, has not given up hope. Music helps to understand more deeply, to love, to appreciate beauty, allows you to be sensitive and develops a gut feeling to see and hear what others can’t. “Listening to the music, man knows himself, and learns first of all that he, man, beautiful, born to be beautiful, and if it is something bad, it is bad to be overcome; to feel bad in yourself and helps music”. (V. Sukhomlinsky) Music awakens in us deepest desires, goals and dreams, helps to bring out the best qualities of our true nature: purity, sincerity, honesty, generosity, courage, kindness. Through it we find ourselves, recognize our true “I”. Through music we recognize their dignity, greatness and power, inherent in us by the Creator. Continue reading

Vinyl: the return of good music

Vinyl: the return of good musicThe sales of long-playing records increased by 49%, and deteriorating factories are struggling to maintain the momentum of production

In accordance with industry indicators, sales volume out of fashion vinyl LPS amounted this year nearly eight million units, which is 49% higher than the same period last year. Young people — mostly fans of indie rock — began to get more records, because obviously they are attracted to higher quality audio, which is vinyl and the ritual of playing when you have carefully insert the needle of the pickup in the disc groove. Continue reading